Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - 1 User CAL

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Ankit Patel

Best & efficient service! Smooth ordering process! Competitive rates!

Peter Chicouris
Quick and Easy to Use

The purchase process was great! Simple and easy to find what I was looking for.

Emmett Barton

I've been working with the Trusted Tech Team for 3 years now and I don't think I could ever go back to that old team. They're great people and they offer fantastic services. I had no hesitation with this purchase and would recommend them to others in need of this type of stuff.

Roderick Nelson

Trusted Tech Team has been a fantastic Microsoft provider. Not only do they always have the latest and greatest, but they also have a deeper understanding of the Server environment than any other company I've worked with. They're quick to adapt to any changes in technology and can quickly get up to speed. I would highly recommend Trusted Tech Team!

Erica Burton

Kristin helped me with my initial install of my SQL Server 2019 in no time! GOD BLESS this company and their highly knowledgeable team!

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SQL Server+CAL Model

What is the Server+CAL licensing model? The Server+CAL (Client Access License) licensing model for SQL Server is a licensing option that allows organizations to license the server software separately from the number of client devices or users accessing the server. With this model, a server license is required for each server running SQL Server, while CALs are needed for each client device or user accessing the server. This licensing model is suitable for scenarios where the number of clients accessing the server varies, as it provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness. By selecting the Server+CAL model, organizations can ensure compliance with licensing requirements while accommodating the dynamic needs of their user base. What are SQL Server CALs? SQL Server CALs (Client Access Licenses) are licenses that grant the right for a client device or user to access and use SQL Server. CALs are required in addition to the server license for each client device or user that directly or indirectly accesses the SQL Server software. They provide businesses with the flexibility to scale their client access as needed, accommodating a varying number of users or devices accessing SQL Server. By obtaining the appropriate number of CALs, organizations ensure compliance with licensing requirements while enabling authorized users to connect to and utilize SQL Server's powerful database management capabilities. CALs play a vital role in regulating and managing client access to SQL Server's services and functionalities.