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Microsoft SQL Server is a fully-featured relational database system whose primary function is to store and retrieve data requested by other system applications. There are several different Microsoft SQL Server version and editions, each engineered to meet different demands and workloads. There are also different licensing options structured for different business needs. In this guide, our certified Microsoft suppliers here at Trusted Tech Team cover some of the most common types of licensing for today’s top SQL Server versions. We also cover what’s new in SQL Server 2017. Learn more below, and shop SQL Server versions new and old here.

Licensing Types

Standard + CAL Model:

The most affordable model recommended for smaller businesses looking to license 1 - 30 users or devices.

Click here to read more about Microsoft SQL CAL requirements

  • Comes with 1 Administrative CAL to set up SQL database.
  • Requires additional CAL license for each USER or DEVICE accessing the server.

Server License starting at: $844.99

User and Device CALs starting at: $199.99

Standard Per Core:

For companies with larger amounts of Users or Devices or who need to host Web-facing applications. Recommended if you have 30+ Users or Devices.

  • Each license is sold per a 2 Core Package.
  • Microsoft requires a minimum of 4 Cores to be licensed to be in compliance.

Server license starting at: $3,349.99 (2 Core)

Enterprise Per Core:

For companies that need maximum scalablity, security, and availability.

  • Only sold Per Core in 2 Core Packages.
  • Unlimited number of Cores and Users can be licensed.

Server license starting at: $13,109.99 (2 Core)

What's New in SQL 2017

Operating System Support:

One of the biggest updates to the SQL database software is the ability to install on a variety of platforms. New environments include Linux and Linux-based Docker containers. Supported Linux operating systems at this time are Red Hat Enterprise, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu. Some features available on the Linux environment include:

  • Package Based Installs
  • Failover/Clustering
  • Backup/Restore
  • SSMS on Windows connected to Linux
  • Support for Docker Swarm
  • Full-Text Search
  • Transparent Data Encryption

Development Language Addition:

SQL Server | Python

SQL Server R Services has been changed to SQL Server Machine Learning Services. This addition now allows users to utilize Python alongside the R language. This change will eliminate the need to move data from the database to the Python application or model by directly integrating the language into the database. Python integration is available for all editions of SQL Server 2017, including SQL Express.

Graph Data:

SQL Server | Graph Data

Graph database capabilities is a new feature for SQL 2017. This allows storage of nodes and edges. Nodes are considered entities, such as employees or a department. Edges are the relationship between the node and category. Graph data allows querying of complex relationships more efficiently.

Online Index Rebuild Resumability:

SQL Server | Online Index Rebuild

This feature allows users to resume rebuilding their indexes, which will come in handy if you have large indexes or have a limited maintenance window. In previous versions, cancelling the index rebuild would require restarting the entire operation. With this new feature, you will not need to dread the cancellation as you are given the option to pause, suspend, resume, or abort the task.

Identity Cache:

Having a failure or unexpected restart of SQL Server in previous versions would clear the identity cache. With this new update will allow disabling identity caching by database to avoid having gaps in identity values.

Adaptive Query Processing:

SQL 2017 introduces a new optimization tool to help plan and execute queries more efficiently based on its adaptive estimations. Adaptive Query Process will consider:

  • Memory Grants
  • Adaptive Joins
  • Interleaving Executions
Microsoft SQL Server 2017

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