Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I download my program?
A: Download links are emailed along with product keys / serial numbers.


Subject Line: Trusted Tech Team - Licensing Information



Q: Where can I find the serial number or license key I just purchased?
A: License keys/serial numbers are emailed out within 30 minutes of purchase during normal business hours (6am - 5pm Pacific Time). After hours licenses are emailed up to 2 hours after purchase before 8pm Pacific Time. Remaining licenses will be emailed the following morning. For orders placed on a weekend after 8pm Pacific Time, licenses are filled the next day by noon. 

Q: How do I get help with my installation?
A: Typically we include installation instructions with any online/downloadable software license. If you are experiencing some trouble with a software product you purchased from us, you can call us at 1-855-202-8140 and speak with a representative to help resolve your issue, or you can always email us at

Q: I haven't received a receipt with my purchase and I cannot login with my email what do I do?
A: Typically when this happens there is a typo in the email submitted at check out. You can write for assistance.

Q: I accidentally deleted the email with my download information how can I recover it?
A: You can call us at 1-855-202-8140 and speak with a representative that will resend the download information.