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SQL Server (Core Model)

Core-based licensing for Microsoft SQL Server helps you take full advantage of modern virtual and cloud computing technology for your relational database management. By assigning core licenses to each physical server or virtual OSE, you can connect an unlimited number of users and devices both inside the firewall and remotely. This makes the SQL Server core license model the more effective option for large businesses with hundreds of database users. It also allows you to create multi-cloud environments so your work can be more productive and more portable.

Trusted Tech Team has SQL Server Standard core licensing and SQL Server Enterprise core downloads in 2-core packages. Microsoft moved to this model beginning with the 2012 edition, and we have licenses for each version up through SQL Server 2017. You can use core licensing with the 2008 edition as well! An SQL Server Core Open License package gives you the option to acquire future licensing and technology at volume pricing rates. SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance include deployment planning, training, 24x7 support and other services. We deliver most core license codes within 30 minutes during business hours so you can start working with this powerful program.