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Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard - Description

What is Windows Server?

Windows Server is the Operating System of choice for most small, med-size, and large businesses. It is considered the quintessential backbone for high-end computing work environments as it powers the world's best-performing systems. Explore which version of Windows Server works best for your needs from our current editions below.
If you have any questions on how Windows Server works or which license(s) you should use for your system, contact one of our US-based Microsoft licensing engineers via email, phone, or chat.

2022 *NEW* - The next generation of cloud computing. Windows Server 2022 introduces advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities with Azure, and a flexible application platform. Learn more about Windows Server 2022 here.

2019 - The tried-and-true version of Windows Server with many added features. Learn more about Windows Server 2019 here.

2016 - The industry-standard version of Windows Server. You can learn about Windows Server 2016 here.

We have remote desktop licensing available as well, which will allow you to remotely access files and utilities that are available on your server. Have more questions? Give us a call today at Trusted Tech Team (855-946-0785) and see how we can help you!