Windows 11 Pro

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Jeffrey VanAntwerp


Elvira Hopkins

I found Trusted Tech Team to be very user-friendly. They are not only knowledgeable but also understand that not all of us are computer geniuses. But thanks to Trusted Tech Team, I was able to make the transition with ease and I’ll continue to maintain our relationship. They were there for me and I appreciate that the most.

Corey Cannon

The Windows 11 upgrade was a breeze with Trusted Tech Team. They know what they're doing and were able to quickly diagnose and fix my installation bug on my laptop. I'm glad that I called them up, they're an honest team that is great at their job!

Miguel Briggs

I would recommend Trusted Tech Team to anyone who needs software. Had a rough time installing and they were very understanding. I jumped right on Windows 11 as soon as I heard that it's coming out and will be ready for any new releases as soon as they happen.

Marsha Cruz

I've been a customer of Trusted Tech Team for three years now and I have never been disappointed with their service. In the past few weeks, they have been the only company that I am able to talk with about upgrading my computer to Windows 11. It was very easy and walked me through what my new machine would do and I was comfortable with the upgrade.