Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Essentials

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  • Great for small companies running a single server
  • 25 User limit or 50 devices - No CALs (Client Access Licenses) required
  • Includes PC backup and optional connection to Office 365


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Customer Reviews

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Robert Li
Always a Great Experience

It has always to great experience to work with your team. Thank you.

Yale Xiao
Windows Server 2019 Essential is Fast and easy to use

I am able to install the Server 2019 on both HPE Proliant MicroServer Gen7 and Gen10 with no much issues. Both HPE server are no longer supported by HPE and the Gen10 is sold at $245 at Amazon. The MicroServer Gen7 server is made in 2013. We DO need to upgrade the BIOS firmware to be able to see the NIC. The Fireware is designed for Windows server 2012 but it works for 2019. The It is shameful that HPE does not allow me to download and I have to take the risk and download from a unknown website in UK.

Why HPE MicroServer? It has a small footprint and I can easily plug in four hard drives. It is a much better NAS server

I did run into issue when setting up the FTP for my scanner. You can only changed the Data Channel Ports from the server level, not FTP site level. It is so confusing and bad design. Who would setup two FTP sites in one server?

I am still having trouble setting up the SMTP.

All in all, this is a great product for a small business
All in

Scott Knauth

Excellent and Fast

Easy to use

I received an email with the download link and product key within 15 minutes of purchase. After downloading the ISO file, I used Rufus to burn it to a USB stick, restarted the computer and booted from the USB, and had the new operating system downloaded in no time. Thank you Trusted Tech Team

Gerard Lunow
Installed nicely

I ordered the software for home use and to have a backup server for the office. I paid for it and received an email 10 minutes later. Downloaded ISO on a USB stick with supplied RUFES. I selected setup.exe and was asked for the key. I entered the key and it installed and activated. Done.