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Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop - 20 Device CAL

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  • Remote Desktop Service CALs grant access to your user/device to remote into the server
  • Required for every user or device remoting into your Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Device CAL License

Need help determining your licensing scenario? Take a look at the guide below:

Windows Server Licensing Guide

*This product includes 20 RDS Device CALs and is digitally delivered to you the same day you order. There are so many new features to love in Windows Server 2016, including Windows Multipoint Services, a low-cost, single-server, multi-user solution that is easy to deploy and easy to manage. Multipoint is now part of Windows Server 2016 as an optional role, instead of a separate product. When you enable the Multipoint services role, RDSH is also installed.

Expand your server’s capabilities with a bundle of 20 device CALs from Trusted Tech Team. Our device CALs work with Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop and allow you to provide access to up to 20 additional devices. The CALs don’t need to be used all at once, so this money-saving bundle is the perfect choice for businesses with plans to expand in the near future. Add computers, tablets, phones and more so you can take your work with you wherever you go. The device CALs are delivered electronically and if you order during our normal business hours, we’ll deliver your download link within 30 minutes.

User or Device CAL? How to choose:

  • User CAL – Gives an individual the right to access the terminal server from any of their devices including their workstation in the office, laptop/desktop at home, or mobile device.
    • Why User CAL?
    • It will be more cost effective if you have more devices than users. Only 1 user CAL would be required to cover “X” number of devices.
    • User CALs are Trusted Tech Team's recommendation. They're cheaper to license and offer more flexibility.
  • Device CAL – Gives a specific device the ability to access the terminal server such as a workstation in the office or a tablet used to take customer orders.
    • Why Device CAL?
    • It will be more cost effective if you have numerous users who all access the same device to remote into the server. This method is typically seen in medical offices or warehouses in which the same device has more than one user throughout the day. You will only need to purchase one CAL for each device instead of numerous user CAL for each user.

    Whichever solution you choose, you have another layer of flexibility when it comes to content that is published to your users:

    • Desktop: Your IT admin will be able to push any applications, folders, and documentation onto each user's session. All sessions have the ability to include or exclude any content. This method is preferred if your users are going to be utilizing their remote session as their primary workstation.
    • RemoteApps: Preferred if you want to host your applications on a virtual machine as if they're directly on your user's desktops. Typically used when you want to manage applications in a secure, remote environment.


    For more information regarding the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop CAL License, contact us at (855) 202-8140 or support@TrustedTechTeam.com

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