Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise

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  • CALs required for each User/Device Mailbox
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Customer Reviews

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Vincent Carson
Easy migration!!

The overall Exchange 2016 configuration seems to be about the same as what it was with exchange 2013. Runs well with no problems at this point and the migration from 2013 was seamless and easy. This is the best version of Exchange that I've used thus far!

Brent Dorben

Seems to be almost the same as the previous Exchange. Although, there’s only two servers to maintain as opposed to the four like from the previous iteration making it nicer and easier. Another nice aspect to Exchange 2016 is the access on mobile phones as an app, syncing is slow at times but the folders do sync eventually.

Patricia Briggets
Exchange 2016

Microsoft Exchange was easy to install and equally easy to configure and set up. You typically can have it up and running by the end of the day. Very smooth process from the purchase at Trusted Tech Team all the way to the finishing steps of the installation of Exchange 2016. If you do run into issues a quick google search will usually get it fixed up.