Virtualization & You: The vital 411 on the abstraction movement in IT

Our Featured Speakers

Michael Yu

Senior Systems Architect

Susanna Jeong

Account Manager

Recorded live on September 21, 2021

If you ever felt confused with all the different kinds of virtualization technology, you are not alone. Physical Virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, Server Workloads, Application Instances, Azure VMs, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are just some of the new terminologies that do all but simplify the life of an admin.

That is why we at Trusted Tech Team decided to do a comprehensive demystification of virtualization to better prepare you for the future of IT.

Here’s a preview of some of what we will cover:

  • The core concepts of virtualization & the options available to you
  • How to make the best decisions when building out virtualization infrastructure
  • What’s new with Azure virtualization, and how to best leverage it!