Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop - 1 User CAL

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Bill G
Satisfied license customer returning

I appreciated the link to the Microsoft Partner website that proved the company's status. I saw other sketchy vendors WITHOUT such links (though claiming to be authorized MS resellers) offering lower prices.

There was nothing to complain about re the speed of acknowledging & processing the order, and issuing the product license after I responded to their email inquiry for more info on the licensee.

I was impressed with the quantity and applicabilty of the instructions (with links to further documentation and how-to videos) that came with the emails, very helpful for someone navigating the fussy procedures for the first time => everything a customer needs to be successful. Indeed, I would not have been able to get the license server working correctly without the instructions, of which some seemed counterintuitive in part, yet turned out to be necessary.

Johanna Silva

Microsoft Server 2019 RD CAL. Seems pretty self explanitory! Good buy! I'll Take it, thanks!

Tami Flowers

Other places seem to be charging bogus prices. I'm glad that I was able to find some honest people out in the world still. Thanks for having your credentials readily available as well. Good job.

Carla Dean

Absolutely marvelous company to engage with. No smoke or mirrors and all upfront honesty. I love the know-how and the know-whats. Don't get lost in the fog trying to find another vendor, just call Trusted Tech Team and let them do the heavy lifting.

Jane Cortez

Great assistance and Knowledge. Glad Johnny could help me pick the right server to go with. Much appreciated team!