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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard - Download License

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SQL Licensing can be complex – Book 15 minutes by phone with one of our SQL Engineers to get your questions answered quickly & correctly.
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Secure your data with SQL Server 2019

Query and analyze your data using industry-leading performance and security.

How to license SQL Server Standard


Provides the option to license users and/or devices, with low cost access to incremental SQL Server deployments.

  • Each server running SQL Server software requires a server license.
  • Each user and/or device accessing a licensed SQL Server requires a SQL Server CAL that is the same version or newer - for example, to access a SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition server, a user would need a SQL Server 2012 or 2019 CAL.
  • Each SQL Server CAL allows access to multiple licensed SQL Servers, including Standard Edition and legacy Business Intelligence and Enterprise Edition Servers.


Gives a more precise measurement of computing power and a more consistent metric, regardless of whether solutions are deployed on physical servers on-premises, or in virtual/cloud environments.

  • Core based licensing is appropriate when customers are unable to count users/devices, have Internet/Extranet worklodads or systems that integrate with external facing workloads.
  • To license a physical server—when running SQL Server in a physical OSE—all physical cores on the server must be licensed.
  • A minimum of four core licenses are required for each physical processor on the server.

Download the full Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licensing guide

SQL Features - Standard/Enterprise

SQL Server 2019 New Features Standard Enterprise
Compute and storage Maximum number of cores 24 OS Max
Maximum memory utilized per instance 128 GB OS Max
Maximum size 524 PB 524 PB
Intelligence over all your data SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters with Apache Spark and HDFS built into SQL Server engine
Data virtualization using PolyBase (including additional data sources like Oracle, Teradata, MongoDB, and other SQL Server databases)
Unified AI platform to train and operationalize models with SQL Server ML Services
Choice of language and platform Compatibility certfication
UTF-8 Support
Support for SQL Server Java extension
Industry-leading performance and availability Free DR replicas in Azure and on-premises
Intelligent Query processing: Scalar UDF inlining, table variable deferred compilation, approximate count distinct
Intelligent Query processing features: row mode memory grant feedback, batch mode for row store and automatic tuning  
Automatic read-write connection re-routing  
In-Memory Database: memory-optimized tempdb  
In-Memory Database: Persistent Memory support
Accelerated Database recovery
Secure and reliable Always Encrypted with secure enclaves
Transparent database encryption
Data classification and auditing
Vulnerability assessment
Quick business insights Azure Data Studio to manage SQL Server including support for T-SQL using Notebooks
SQL Server Analysis Services Direct Query

Microsoft SQL Server has been one of the premier leaders in database technology for years. The 2019 edition picks up right where it's predecessor left off. New to SQL Licensing? Check out our SQL Server licensing guide to find out the features that would benefit you and how license.

Take a deeper dive into SQL licensing with a licensing expert from our team in our Video Meetup below.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard - Download License

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SKU: 228-11477