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VMware vSphere 6 Standard for 1 processor


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  • High availability, on-demand cloud infrastructure to run, protect and manage any application
  • Comprises virtualization, management, and interface layers
  • Transform individual data centers into aggregated computing infrastructures

VMware vSphere 6 Standard for 1 processor

Experience cost-effective server consolidation. VMware vSphere Standard provides an entry solution for basic consolidation of applications to slash hardware costs while accelerating application deployment. vSphere helps you get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your infrastructure and applications. vSphere 6 introduces the ability to run virtual machines (VMs) ranging up to 128 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) and 4TB of RAM. This doubles the number of vCPUs supported from the previous version and increases the amount of RAM by four times. This new capability provides the potential for customers to run larger workloads than ever before in a virtual machine.


Benefits of vSphere 6

With vSphere 6 Standard, you can reduce capital and operating, rapidly deploy and decommission servers for application testing, cut the deployment time of new servers from weeks to hours. Some features included in the Standard Edition:

  • Hypervisor
  • vMotion, Storage vMotion and X-Switch vMotion
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance (2vCPU)
  • Data Protection and Replication
  • Virtual Volumes and Storage-Policy Based Management
  • APIs for Storage Awareness
  • APIs for Array Integration, Multipathing
  • Content Library
  • vCenter High Availability, Backup and Restore, & Server Appliance Migration Tool

 Not sure which version best suits your needs? Check out this comprehensive breakdown of vSphere editions, courtesy of Altaro. For further questions, chat with a member of Trusted Tech Team now, or call 855-202-8140.

Please note that VMware does not accept returns for non-defective software, related disks, or manuals. We encourage you to evaluate these products prior to purchase in order to determine whether the products are suitable for your needs.

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