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Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB

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  • Domain Join, Azure AD Join, and Group Policy
  • Support for Hyper-V and Virtual machines
  • BitLocker and Enhanced encryption

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB

Protect personal an business data the simple way, with Windows 10 LTSB. 

PCs running life-dependent, highly secure, or mission-critical systems, have the option to deploy point-in-time releases known as Long Term Service Branch (LTSB). These will not be updated with new features but will have security and critical updates applied, although the organization can manage and control the distribution of these updates. LTSB releases will be supported for at least 5 years (10 years if the customer has software assurance). New LTSB releases will be made available every two-three years and customers will have the option whether to install them or not.

In short, if you don't want to receive Windows OS updates, you will need to be on the LTSB and that requires certain Windows editions. Learn more about Branches on the Microsoft Blog

With Windows 10, Microsoft gives users several options for how to update their systems. One of these options is a Long-Term Service Branch license, which delivers large version changes every few years while automatically making small changes more regularly. LTSBs are valuable for PCs running life-dependent, highly-secure or mission-critical systems that cannot be interrupted by monthly version updates. Download your Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB with free installation support from our Microsoft Silver partners here at Trusted Tech Team.

Windows 10 Enterprise includes:

  • Enterprise Data Protection: designed to help prevent the accidental disclosure of sensitive information.
  • Device Guard: allows devices to be restricted to running only trusted software - whether it's traditional desktop, Windows store or in-house apps.
  • Provisioning packages: allows Window 10 machines to be set up more simply than earlier versions of the OS.
  • Microsoft Passport: provides a system for allowing users to log into Windows 10 using biometrics, such as their fingerprint or facial scan or PIN.
  • Credential Guard: offers additional security for login details by storing derived credentials
For more info on Windows 10 licensing check out the Microsoft page, call or chat with our staff to figure out the best licensing option for you at 855-202-8140.

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