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Microsoft Project Professional 2019 - Open License

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Microsoft Project Professional 2019 - Open License

Get a leg-up in managing future projects with the latest version of Project Standard. Task and Project management has never been simpler. 

With the latest update of Microsoft Project, you receive updated project management schedules, reports, and business intelligence tools to help get the best utilization from your work environment. Utilize the tools provided from Microsoft Project 2019 and simplify your task management utilities for the entire office. 

This one-time download is a great money-saving option for small to mid-sized businesses. For more info, chat with a Trusted Tech Team member now. 

Get started quickly

Use the Getting Starting screen to quickly learn about new features in Project. Pre-built templates help you get your project started on the right track.

Schedule efficiently

Familiar automated scheduling tools help you reduce inefficiencies and training time. Multiple timelines make it easier to visualize complex schedules.

Optimize tasks

Visualization tools help you understand how tasks relate to one another. And by running what-if scenarios, you can make the most of your task assignments.

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