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Licensing Types

Standard + CAL Model:

The most affordable model recommended for smaller businesses looking to license 1 - 30 users or devices.

  • Comes with 1 Administrative CAL to set up SQL database.
  • Requires additional CAL license for each USER or DEVICE accessing the server.

Server License starting at: $844.99

User and Device CALs starting at: $219.99

Standard Per Core:

Intended for power users with the need for larger amounts of Users or Devices or who need to host Web-facing applications. Recommended if you have 30+ Users or Devices.

  • Each license is sold per a 2 Core Package.
  • Microsoft requires a minimum of 4 Cores to be licensed to be in compliance.

Server license starting at: $3,244.99 (2 Core)

Enterprise Per Core:

For companies that need maximum scalablity, security, and availability.

  • Only sold Per Core in 2 Core Packages.
  • Unlimited number of Cores and Users can be licensed.

Server license starting at: $12,099.99 (2 Core)

Want a side-by-side comparison between editions? Click here to download the full overview!

Version Comparison

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In-memory columnstore:
Buffer pool extension to SSD:
Resource Governor:
Enahnced Virtualization Support and Live Migration:
Backup Encryption Support:
Fine-grained Auditing:
Separation of Duties:
Backup to Azure:
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Optimized Virtual Machine Images in Azure Gallery:
Management and Programmability
Distributed Replay:
Policy-based Management:
Enhanced Programmability:
BI and Analytics
PowerPivot for Excel:
Integration Services Managed as a Server:
Hadoop Connector via Apache Sqoop:

Do More With SQL Server 2016

The release of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 grants users the largest update in Microsoft's data platform with real-time operational analytics, brand new visualizations for mobile devices, built-in advanced analytics, an updated security protocol, and new hybrid cloud scenarios.

Learn more about what you can acheive with the increasingly powerful SQL Server 2016

New & Updated Key Features

  • Query Store:
  • The Query Store feature offers users the option to save their query execution plans with their performance & data. This allows you to locate query deceleration and allows admins or developers to force the use of an older better plan if necessary.

  • PolyBase:
  • PolyBase is a new featured technology that allows access to data outside of the database via the T-SQL language. New to the 2016 version, this allows you to run queries on external data connecting with Hadoop or Azure Blob Storage, making large text file processing a breeze!

  • JSON Support:
  • SQL 2016 adds support for the widely used JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) language. The ever increasing Web APIs using JSON can be easily implemented in SQL 2016 providing the ability to move the data into tables and manipulate data with built-in fuctions.

  • Stretch Database:
  • Stretch Database provides a cost-effective availability with cold-data. Microsoft allows parts of your tables to be moved into an Azure SQL Database hosted on a secure cloud. On-premises instances can access this remote endpoint data with no application changes.

  • In-Memory OLTP Enhancements:
  • Growing off of the concept introduced in SQL Server 2014, in-memory enhancements were designed to optimize high speed data loading with no locking issues. SQL Server 2016 OLTP Enhancements are reinstated to work at RAM speed, and boasts a larger table support size at up to 2 TB (from 256 GB)! This updated feature now offers support for Clustered Indexes, Check Contraints, Foreign Keys, and Parallelism.

  • Always Encrypted:
  • Never go unprotected with the Always Encrypted feature built in to SQL Server 2016. This compenent is designed to conceal sensitive data, such as credit card numbers an SSNs, from cyber snipers. Always Encrypted will allow clients to keep secure data inside client apps and never expose the encryption keys to the Database Engine. This will permiss seperation of those who ultimately own the data versus those who only manage the data.

  • Row Level Security
  • Row Level Security (RLS) adds the option to functionally restrict which users can view what data in a table. This new feature implemented in SQL Server 2016 will allow Admins to easily control the data based on User ID or security context.

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