Administrating a Remote Workforce

Part 3 of the Leveraging Microsoft 365 series

Some of the questions asked from the live event

A: Our top recommendation for getting familiar with it and learning the ins and outs is to start a free trial on Azure, where you will have $200 of credit to play with. This should be enough to start a sample WVD environment with 1 or 2 session hosts. You can follow the official documentation here, or for a list of good resources to learn about WVD, you can go here.
A: While there is little difference in difficulty between configuring an always-on-vpn for a Windows 10 machine with or without Azure AD, doing so does enable your organization to fine-tune how VPN users access your resources with Conditional Access policies as detailed here. With that being said, Microsoft Endpoint Manager does somewhat facilitate the deployment process, and that would require Azure AD.
A: Yes, Windows Virtual Desktop VMs can have allocated GPU power as detailed here. As noted in the linked documentation, you would want to select one of the Azure NV-series for GPU optimization.
A: There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this. If you plan on keeping the fileshares on an on-premise server, you can create a VPN gateway in your Azure environment that will connect to your on-premise network, and the virtual desktops can connect to the fileshares that way using SMB. The other option would be moving your fileshare to OneDrive or Sharepoint, in which case they would be accessible without any additional networking. Another option is to host the fileshare in Azure in the same VNet as your WVD environment, in which case they would be accessible without any additional steps as well!

Meet The Speakers

Michael Yu

Senior Systems Architect

Chidera Idowu

Senior Systems Architect

Recorded live on April 6, 2021

It was just about a year ago - every IT pro was plunged into supporting a remote workforce. It was as if the world nailed the bullseye and we were dropped into the dunk tank at the county fair.

Since then:

  • Hafnium & Solarigate.
  • Zoom & Teams.
  • Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

The IT world has changed permanently... and it's never going back. With the prevalence of Microsoft 365, and its role as the backbone of any organization's software infrastructure, it’s up to you to continue to learn how to leverage the Microsoft 365 platform to administrate & empower your organization.

During this Video Meetup, sit in with Trusted Tech Team and learn about things old & new, related to administering a remote workforce.

Here’s a preview of some of what we will cover:

  • Get in tune with Intune - Understand how to leverage Intune to apply device configurations and navigate compliance requirements
  • Go thin (client) - See firsthand how Windows Virtual Desktop serves as a viable replacement to traditional Remote Desktop Services
  • Tie everything together - Learn how everything integrated with Azure AD (and why it’s so important!)
  • Lock it down - See how Microsoft Cloud App Security offers next-gen protection for an organization’s users, data, and cloud infrastructure