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Windows Server CALs - Description

Have new users and devices that need the same high-end computing power as you? Microsoft Windows Server CALs from Trusted Tech Team give them the ability to instantly connect. What are MS CALs? Simply put, a client access license allows individual end users to access the services of your server software. With user CALs, a set amount of users can connect at any given time, but they can do so from any devices. Choosing a device CAL means that anyone using a specific device (such as a computer or tablet) can link to the server.

Order CALs for all supported editions of Windows Server from a Microsoft Solutions Partner that has the commercial software license tools you need. We offer CALs in single counts or packages that are perfect for local networks run by homes and small business. Not only is the price of CALs competitive at Trusted Tech Team, but when you order during business hours, they’ll be available for download within 30 minutes. Visit our in-house Windows Server CALs licensing guide for more on how client access licenses work and what you may need.