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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 - Description

As the server companion version to Windows 8, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is filled with features that make it a versatile and scalable operating system for businesses. Designed as the centerpiece of the Cloud OS platform, this enterprise OS is a practical solution for those who work locally and remotely. Add-ons such as a new filing system, improved management software, IP address functionality and improved security have made it the most common Windows Server platform currently in use. Trusted Tech Team will help you set up this robust operating system for offices, schools, labs and other organizations.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have many choices for Windows Server license download. Get a complete retail version of Windows Server 2012 Essentials for small companies, Windows Server 2012 Standard for low-level virtualization or Server 2012 Datacenter for large-scale private clouds. You can also order a server license and various CAL packages, so everyone who needs to can connect. We provide installation support with every purchase and are available by phone or email during business hours to answer questions.