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SQL 2017 CAL

Trusted Tech Team is where to find genuine CALs for Microsoft SQL Server Standard at fair pricing. These client access licenses are guaranteed to be compatible with the latest edition of this industry-leading relational database management software. The SQL Server individual license model is recommended for organizations that have between 1 and 30 users or devices that need access. Get the basics below on deciding whether a user or device SQL Server CAL is right for your small business.

How Do You Determine Which CAL You Need?

User CAL:

  • Covers a named user that will be accessing the SQL database or application.
  • Preferred if each user has numerous devices.
  • Example: User A accesses SQL Server from their phone, workstation and laptop at home. You will purchase one user CAL instead of three device CALs.

Device CAL:

  • Covers a specific device that will be accessing the SQL database or application.
  • Preferred if you have numerous users who access the same device.
  • Example: You have a first-shift and second-shift warehouse team. You want both shifts to use the same device to access the SQL database. You will need to only purchase one device CAL instead of two user CALs.

Trusted Tech Team Recommendation: 95 percent of CALs go under the "user" model, as a majority of access to an SQL database or application occurs on more devices than users.

No matter which license model you receive, you will receive expert installation support and customer service when you order from Trusted Tech Team. We offer guaranteed SQL Server 2017 Standard CAL downloads and much more as a Microsoft Silver partner.