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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the leading tools for managing commercial data, and you can get authorized licensing fast when you shop at Trusted Tech Team. This relational database management system uses Structured Query Language plus additional extensions to store, retrieve and manage information. The latest versions of SQL Server can be run on Microsoft or Linux servers, and have features such as R and Python development languages, online index rebuilding and adaptive query optimization. An SQL Server CAL or server license for your business will give you the right database tools plus industry-leading performance and security.

We have several versions of this database platform available for small, midsize and large businesses. Youโ€™ll find SQL Server 2019, SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition in both CAL and Core formats plus Enterprise options for larger companies. Our SQL Server Licensing Guide has more information on each license model. You can also read an SQL Server 2016 review or reports on other products from actual users. We deliver all license keys within 30 minutes during business hours and include knowledgeable installation support with each purchase to help you quickly get your new database management system up and running.