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Microsoft Windows ServerĀ 

Windows Server is one of the quintessential backbones for high end computing work environments. It's flexibility to install multiple programs and provide those programs with the ability to be accessed from locations has made it a great utility to have. It's capabilities to handle high end hardware along with it's improved security and stability make it great for both incredibly useful for home or business use. The three most popular editions are:

2016Ā - The cutting edge, latest and greatest version of Windows Server with many new features. You can learn aboutĀ Ā Learn about Windows Server 2016 here

2012Ā - The highly robust, and most commonly used version to the day. You can learn aboutĀ Windows Server 2012 hereĀ 

2008Ā - One of the pioneers of the the network based operating systems that provided many security features upgraded from it's predecessor, 2003.Ā 

Need help figuring out licensing? No problem, read the COMPLETE Windows Server licensing guide written by us here. The reliable staff here atĀ Trusted Tech Team will be glad to assist you with any further questions! Give us a call today (855)-202-8140.