Microsoft Windows Server 2022 - 5 User Client Access License (CAL)

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SYS Admin
Trusted Tech Team is Great!

I’m glad I bought from Trusted Tech Team. They have great support and fast responses with orders and questions. Microsoft is a terrible company though. Buy the OS and then buy access for each person to use the software you already paid for. They can’t go out of business soon enough. We are moving to Linux to avoid their greedy price gouging business practices. Windows desktop/server are awful in almost every way. Terrible broken documentation, band-aided buggy ancient features and apps, nothing works as their instructions specify, constant disregard for customer preferences, awful support, etc. Junk.

Kevin Exline
Amazing customer service

This company has the most amazing customer service there employees are all vary helpful and willing to go above and beyond for the customers I would recommend anyone to buy from them.

Jordan Steele

I have been working with Trusted Tech Team on a number of purchases and they have always delivered. I have never come across a situation where they were not willing to go the extra mile for me. All my interactions with them so far have been top-notch, and I'm sure they will be willing to work hard for you too!

Rudolph Sharp

Our company has been using the Trusted Tech team for over 3 years now. We have always had a great experience with them and we enjoy our relationship with them. They are always helpful and understanding with our needs and requests, and they are the easiest to deal with out of all of our vendors.

Betty Dawson

This is my second time ordering from Trusted Tech Team. My experience has always been excellent...the products are well described and you get them fast....I've recommended the company to other friends and have received good feedback from their experience with Trusted Tech Team too. Seems that they are just that solid!