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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 - Professional License

SKU: C5E-01307 Trusted Return Policy
  • Permanent License - No Subscription Required
  • Fully Installed Desktop Application
  • No internet access required for use

MS Visual Studio 2017 - Professional License *

Optimize the benefits of your Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017 License with this Visual Studio 2017 Professional Download from Trusted Tech Team. Collaborate, produce and enhance your creative process instantly with this digital download that is backed with Trusted Tech Team's Microsoft Gold Partner status. Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 License includes IntelliSense editing, cloud-first app creation via Azure within IDE, Windows app development with UWP templates on all Windows 10 devices, Extended DevOps deployment processes for SQL Server via Redgate Data Tools, custom usability via Xamarin and NET Core app as well as library writing for unmodified runs across multiple operating systems.

Visual Studio Pro equips development teams with innovative features to enhance your creative process.

  • IntelliSense editing with improved navigation and code hints for all languages and platforms

  • Custom and native usability via Xamarin - build browser and hybrid-based apps for unique device with Cordova

  • Cloud-first app creation via Azure within the integrated development environment (IDE)

  • Windows app development with UWP templates for singular projects across all Windows 10 devices

  • Extended DevOps deployment processes for SQL Server via Redgate Data Tools

  • .NET Core app and library writing for unmodified runs across multiple operating systems

  • Visual Studio Tools for Unity (VSTU) games development with C# editor scripts and debugging

  • Accelerated AI innovation and development via Azure Machine Learning 

For system requirements, click here. For more info, visit our blog or contact support@trustedtechteam.com.

* Visual Studio Pro is sold as a permanent license on a per-user basis and delivered as a digital download. Install and utilize the software on multiple devices. The software includes downgrade rights to access and run your prior versions.

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Customer Reviews

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 - Professional License

Visual Studio Pro 2017

Enhanced debugging with Xamarin, total game changer for app development, plus coding navigation which makes the process much easier.

Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2017

Happy with the bug fixes with this new product, I can work on Cloud Apps much more precisely now.

Engineer here

Much more productivity here with the new Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2017. Great app development for mobile usage.

Flawless experience 5/5

I've been using Python for years until MVS 2017 pro hit, I've been hooked on using Visual Basic and TypeScript as of lately.