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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 - 1 User Client Access License (CAL)

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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 - 1 User Client Access License (CAL)

Elevate security, enable creation of cloud-native apps,evolve your datacenter and more with the latest version of Windows Server 2019. 

This is a license for 1 User Client Access License (CALs) granting access to 1 individual user. To learn more about CALs, check out our Windows Server CAL Guide here.

Looking to add a user to your Microsoft Windows Server 2019-driven enterprise? Order 1 User CAL on this page and instantly grant a single user access to all licensed devices with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 in your network. Get 1 User CAL for the all-new Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with free installation support from our Microsoft Silver partners here at Trusted Tech Team and expand your team instantly.

New additions to Windows Server 2019 

  • System Insights: Predictive capabilities, each backed by a machine-learning model, locally analyze Windows Server system data, such as performance counters and events, providing insight into the functioning of your servers and helping you reduce the operational expenses associated with reactively managing issues in your Windows Server deployments.
  • Windows Admin Center: a free download, separate from the Windows Server 2019 download, for enhanced flexibility and remote management strategies. See the Windows Admin Center OS support matrix for installation and management compatibility.
  • Azure Network Adapter: Windows Admin Center enables a one-click experience to configure a point-to-site VPN connection between an on-premises Windows Server and an Azure Virtual Network. This automates the configuration for the Azure Virtual Network gateway as well as the on-premises VPN client.

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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Carr

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 - 1 User Client Access License (CAL)

Justine P.

Quick, knowledgeable, and very reliable. CALs are just something that is part of MS's requirements. We had to pick up so more and Trusted Tech Teams prices are the best!

Harold Lemmette

I had no idea that I was required to have to to maintain my compliance with Microsoft and at a great price as well. Thanks to Johnny I will no longer be in danger of Microsoft auditing me.

Kristen Borrow

Terrific!!! It was click click click and done. Even emailed me to verify that I was making the correct purchase. Needed a CAL not the sever. Thank you for the help.


Found the listing on google, turned out to be everything they promised. Trusted Tech Team makes good on their promises. Thank you Johnny.

SKU: R18-05768