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SQL Server 2017 Standard - 2 Core

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  • Perform queries faster than disk with in-memory columnstore
  • Perform transactions up to 30x faster with in-memory OLTP.
  • Up to 1 million predictions per second with Python and R integration

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard - 2 Core License

 2 Core License - What Is It?

  • The Core Licensing model for SQL Server 2017 requires that you purchase a license for every core on your Virtual Machine or Host Machine with a license. Sold in packs of 2.
  • No CALs are required - Covers unlimited users or devices accessing the database or application.
  • Example: You have (2) Intel Xeon E5-1620 processors in your server. Each processor has 4 cores. You will have to cover 8 cores with 4 SQL Server 2 Core Licenses.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard uses a core licensing model that requires each core on your virtual machine or host machine to have a valid license. Trusted Tech Team offers Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard core licenses at unbeatable prices. They are sold in packs of two and eliminate the need for CALs. Core licenses cover an unlimited number of users or devices accessing the database or application without an additional cost. The core licensing model makes it easier to grow your business. New employees are absorbed into the system and additional SQL Server 2017 licenses are only needed when you upgrade your cores.

SQL Server has become more and more commonplace in a working environment, and as the demands for SQL Server grow, newer editions with more features are constantly being added. The latest version - SQL Server 2017 is a great upgrade from its predecessor, Sql Server 2016. With the 2017 edition you will receive many new benefits, such as availability groups, graph database capabilities, batch mode adaptive joins, batch mode memory grant feedback, among others making it one of the most efficient and effective database software solutions on the market. SQL Server 2017 Standard has two licensing model, this product is the "SQL Core Model" which means there are no CALs required to be tied to the SQL license.

Linux compatibility has been improved! With SQL 2016 came the introduction to Linux compatibility and with SQL Server 2017 the integration only becomes more seamless. This SQL Server download will allow cross-operating system migrations and testing. 

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