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Looking for the latest server operating system to power your enterprise? Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is your solution. Learn more about the many benefits of this powerful and versatile operating system below and shop all Windows Server 2019 editions here at Trusted Tech Team.

Connect your on-premise solution to the cloud.

Bring your applications to the future with seamless integration with Azure.
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is the future of environment hybridization

Integrate with Azure

Extend your datacenter applications to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Enhanced Security

Added multilayer security to ensure protection of your datacenter.

Faster App Delivery

Improved Server containers and Linux Subsystem support.

Hyper-converged Scale

Industry leading performance in modular infrastructure.

Windows Server Editions

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 comes three editions to suit the needs of different enterprises. The first, Windows Server Essentials, is ideal for small business with 25 to 50 devices and limited hardware infrastructure. The second, Windows Server Standard, is packaged as 2-core open licenses or 16/24-core retail licenses and allows for two VMs per 16-core license. The third option, Windows Server Datacenter, is ideal for highly-virtualized enterprises and allows for unlimited VMs or Hyper-V containers. Get the details of each edition below.

Windows Server Essentials


For small businesses that require fundamental Windows Server features

  • Limited to 25 users and 50 devices.
  • Maximum hardware limits: 64 GB RAM and 2 CPUs.

Windows Server Standard

$749.99 (16-Core license)

Recommended for businesses that require minimal virtualization & scalability.

  • Sold as 2-Core Open Licenses or 16/24-Cores Retail licenses. (16-Core minimum)
  • Allows for 2 VMs per 16-Core license.

Windows Server Datacenter

$4,849.99 (16-Core license)

For businesses that will be highly virtualized and require maximum scalability.

  • Sold as 2-Core Open Licenses or 16/24-Cores Retail licenses. (16-Core minimum)
  • Allows unlimited VMs or Hyper-V containers. All cores on host machine must be licensed.


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