Access Control for Admins

Part 2 of the Leveraging Microsoft 365 series

Meet The Speakers

Chidera Idowu

Senior Systems Architect

Ryan Towner

Towner Communications

Recorded live on February 11, 2021

Access Control. Identity Management. Access Governance. Permissions.

All of these are terms used to describe what is at the core of security. When Active Directory identities are compromised, attackers gain unfettered access to your company’s network and data. Remember Solorigate?

During this Video Meetup, sit in with us and learn about all things related to access control within Microsoft 365. As Part of our ongoing series, Leveraging Microsoft 365, you’ll learn tips & tricks both old and new that are great to add to any M365 Admin’s repertoire.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Learn the pros & cons on migrating from on-prem AD to Azure AD
  • Get acquainted with basic & advanced features of access control, including details on Microsoft’s PIM (Privileged Identity Management)
  • Learn how easy it is to implement some of the features within Microsoft’s extensive identity management infrastructure during a live walkthrough of the M365 Admin Center.