Windows 10 - Pro

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  • Domain Join, Azure AD Join, and Group Policy
  • Support for Hyper-V and Virtual machines
  • BitLocker and Enhanced encryption


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Customer Reviews

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Ronald White

Sales and technologist where knowledgeable and professional.

Pierre Levasseur
Windows 10 - Pro, easy to install.

I built a gaming machine that is not ready for Windows 11. I purchased Windows 10 - Pro, installed the image on a thumb drive and had my machine up and running within an hour. The image was complete will all of the updates and necessary drivers. The whole process was straight forward.

Travis Bailey
Issues resolved quickly

We had an issue where the key wouldn't activate correctly. The support team was quick to respond and actually gave us a new key, which worked! Overall good experience.

John Raposa
Great Support

I was extremely hesitant to leave windows 7, as it was more "user friendly"; however, because Microsoft stopped supporting the older windows versions and it was effecting other programs, due to the lack of updates, I had to update. I have to say, Windows 10 is not as bad I anticipated it to be! Thanks to the wonderful support of Trusted Tech Team, it has really been fantastic. I would highly recommend upgrading to windows 10, throughTrusted Tech Team if you are still on the fence about upgrading...I am so glad I did!

Z w
goodness me!

legit key and i received it almost immediately after my purchase. good service as well:)