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Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise - Description

What is Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise?

SQL Server Enterprise is a comprehensive database management system offered by Microsoft. It provides advanced features and capabilities to handle demanding enterprise-level data requirements. With SQL Server Enterprise, organizations can benefit from high-performance data processing, robust security measures, and scalable solutions. This edition offers powerful tools for data integration, analytics, and business intelligence, enabling businesses to extract valuable insights from their data. SQL Server Enterprise is designed to support mission-critical applications and large-scale databases, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and scalability for enterprise-level data management needs.

We know there are many versions and licensing options, so we created an SQL Server Licensing Guide with more on the benefits and features of each edition. You can learn about SQL 2019, SQL 2017 and SQL 2016 in our licensing guide along with purchase options for each. This scalable database system is available in a configuration that’s right for you. You can get an SQL Server Standard license with CALs for small businesses or use the Core model for deployments of 30-plus users or devices. For industry-best security and scalability, choose SQL Server Enterprise licensing with unlimited users.

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