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Exchange Server - Description

What is Exchange Server?

Microsoft Exchange Server is a robust email and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It enables businesses to manage their email communications, calendars, contacts, and tasks effectively, all while keeping an eye on exchange server pricing and licensing costs. Exchange Server provides features like secure email communication, shared calendars, address book synchronization, and mobile device integration. It offers a centralized platform for organizations to streamline their internal and external communication, enhance productivity, and facilitate collaboration among team members. With Microsoft Exchange Server, businesses can ensure reliable email delivery, efficient resource management, and seamless integration with other Microsoft productivity tools, making it a vital solution for those considering exchange server licensing cost factors.

As companies plan to integrate Microsoft Exchange Server into their operations, paying close attention to exchange server pricing, and understanding the exchange server license cost are vital steps. This not only helps in budget planning but also ensures that they can take full advantage of the numerous functionalities that the platform provides. It is also important to determine which of the exchange server editions would be best for your company. By adopting a well-planned licensing strategy, businesses can enjoy a seamless communication experience, fostering better collaboration and increasing overall productivity.


Feature Comparison Table

FEATURES  Exchange 2019 Exchange 2016
Outlook client 2019, 2016, 2013 2016, 2013
Windows Server support 2019, 2016 2016, 2012 R2
Maximum processor count 48 24
Cancel meetings using Out of Office
Set default end date
Search Indexes within database
Mailbox Server Roles
Outlook on the Web


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