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VMware vCenter Server 6 Foundation for vSphere up to 3 hosts (Per Instance)


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  • Rapidly provision, monitors, and control virtual machines.
  • Analyze quickly with visibility into vSphere virtual infrastructure
  • Includes load balancing and out-of-the-box automation workflows

VMware vCenter Server 6 Foundation for vSphere up to 3 hosts (Per Instance)

Manage, Automate and Optimize your vSphere Infrastructure. VMware vCenter Server Foundation provides powerful management tools for smaller environments looking to rapidly provision, monitor, and control virtual machines. Purchased separately, it is required for managing VMware vSphere server hosts and enabling many of the features.

With VMware vCenter Server Foundation you can:

  • Scale up your virtual infrastructure to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and automation
  • Drive down operating costs by organizing, monitoring and configuring your entire IT environment through a single interface.

 What is included with vCenter Server 6

VMware vCenter Server 6 Foundation for vSphere includes:

  • A management server: the universal hub for provisioning, monitoring and configuring virtualized environments.
  • A database server: stores persistent configuration data and performance information
  • A search engine: allows administrators to search the entire object inventory of multiple vCenter Servers from one place
  • The vSphere Client: provides administrators with a feature-rich console for accessing one or more vCenter Servers simultaneously
  • The vCenter Web Access portal: provides remote access from any system
  • vCenter APIs and a .NET Extension: allow integration between vCenter Server and other tools, and support customized plug-ins to the vSphere Client.

 Need more info about VMware vCenter Server 6 Foundation? Take a look at the vCenter datasheet for more VMware features or chat with a Trusted Tech Team member now at 855-202-8140.

Please note that VMware does not accept returns for non-defective software, related disks, or manuals. We encourage you to evaluate these products prior to purchase in order to determine whether the products are suitable for your needs.

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