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  • Create networks in software and embed them in hypervisor
  • Network compenants can be provisioned in minutes
  • Embeds security functions rights into the hypervisor

VMware NSX Enterprise per Processor

Create, provision, snapshot, delete and restore complex networks all in software. VMware NSX breaks through current physical network barriers, enabling data center operators to achieve order of magnitude better speed, economics and choice. NSX reproduces the entire network model in software, enabling any network topology, from simple to complex multi-tier networks, to be created and provisioned very fast. Users can create multiple virtual networks with diverse requirements, leveraging a combination of the services offered via NSX to build inherently more secure environments.

VMware NSX Enterprise from Trusted Tech Team makes it easy to create, provision, snapshot, delete and restore complex networks. The software breaks through physical network barriers and allows data center operators to achieve great things. It is priced economically and is licensed on a per processor basis for greater flexibility. Create multiple virtual networks with diverse requirements by leveraging VMware NSX Enterprise’s unique features. There are even built-in security enhancements to make sure your most important data is never at risk. Order now and your software will be delivered as a digital download.

 Get the most with Enterprise

Only with NSX Enterprise edition can you experience the full features of VMware NSX. Some benefits you can only get with the Enterprise license are:

  • Cross vCenter NSX
  • Multisite NSX optimizations
  • VPN (IPSEC and SSL)
  • Remote gateway
  • Integrations with hardware VTEPs
  • Endpoint monitoring

Get networking and security across multiple domains with VMware NSX Enterprise. This license is per processor. For more information on everything NSX has to offer, be sure to check out the VMware NSX product page.

Please note that VMware does not accept returns for non-defective software, related disks, or manuals. We encourage you to evaluate these products prior to purchase in order to determine whether the products are suitable for your needs.

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