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Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 10 Retail Windows/mac DVD

Anime Studio Pro 10 is the perfect 2D animation for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation. With an intuitive interface, a visual content library and powerful features such as a bone rigging system, automatic image tracing, integrated lip-synching, 3D shape design, physics, motion tracking, a character wizard and more, Anime Studio Pro delivers advanced animation tools to speed up your workflow.

The New Features of Anime Studio Pro 10

  • Bone Constraints: The new bone constraints feature will include rigging options that will help set up characters that are more complex and powerful. The squash and stretch bone scaling enhancement allows bones to squash and stretch objects. New target bones help bones point in the right direction rather than having the need to consistently set angles.
  • Bounce, Elastic and Stagger Interpolation: By applying the Bounce keyframe type to the timeline, any object interpolated will appear to bounce, all within two keyframes. Elastic provides a rubber band effect, making objects spring back and forth before reaching their end point. Stagger creates the effect that the animation is stuttering or staggering between two keyframes.
  • Separate Render Process: The Batch Exporter and Renderer are now performed as a separate process. Even if you quit from Anime Studio Pro, the render process continues until the job is completed.
  • Multiple Document Support: Anime Studio now allows you to open more than one document at a time, and switch from one to another in a tabbed interface.
  • Keyboard Shortcut Editor: Create and save your own keyboard shortcut configurations.
    Compare versions of Anime Studio on the Smith Micro page, or contact us at (855) 202-8140 or support@TrustedTechTeam.com

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