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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop - 50 User CALs

SKU: 6VC-03748x50 Trusted Return Policy
$4,499.99 $5,999.99

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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop - 50 User CAL

*Note that this is a license for 50 User Client Access License (CAL) for Windows Server 2019. To learn more about licensing, visit our CAL Guide here.

If you are looking to expand your remote user base for Microsoft Windows Server 2019, you need RDS User CALs to give users access to your database from anywhere. Expanding on a large scale? This is the solution for you. Give up to 50 remote users access to your network with this 50 RDS User CAL bundle for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 here at Trusted Tech Team. Shop now to take advantage of free installation support from us as a Microsoft Silver Partner.

If your team has several members who may be accessing your Microsoft Windows server on different devices from different locations, you need to equip them with RDS User CALs. With this licensing package, you get 20 RDS User CALs to grant access for up to 20 distinct users on Microsoft Windows Server 2019. Take advantage of Windows Server 2019’s powerful, streamlined and secure RDS server management infrastructure and enable your users to do more from anywhere. Order this 50 RDS User CAL package for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with free installation support from our Microsoft Silver Partners here at Trusted Tech Team. (Note: This licensing package does not include Microsoft Windows Server 2019.)

Simplify IT Management

Windows has improved management of Remote Desktop Licensing server and entitlement through Active Directory (AD)

  • Leverage high availability RD Licensing servers with forward-compatibility for future versions of Windows Server to enable easier management of licenses from a variety of RDS releases.
  • Manage licenses for your employees by bringing the ability for the RD Licensing servers to update RDS user Client Access Licenses (CALs) into AD objects without accessing AD directly.
  • Performance Counters APIs provides partners an easy way to access data to build monitoring dashboards and deliver a consistent user experience.

User Experience

End users will be able to leverage desktops and apps through RDS 2019 to maximize productivity.

  • Modern notifications for RemoteApp in the Action Center improve productivity with applications like Microsoft Outlook.
  • Discrete Device Assignment in RDS 2016 to bring better security, virtual machine (VM) isolation, and performance for your graphic-intensive workloads. These improvements in GPU virtualization technologies will result in reduced network traffic and smooth video playback.
  • Reduced CPU usage on the client and server and bandwidth gives better image quality and faster end-to-end web client experience.


  • With Windows Admin Center integration, it is easy to consolidate all local and remote server management into a single pane.
  • Windows Defender optimizations for multi-session give you more confidence in bringing a secure, scalable and cost-effective desktop experience to end users.
  • Web client support for Single Sign-on (SSO) delivers a streamlined authentication experience for users connecting via the web client.
  • A few additional features include easy-to-configure DTLS-based encryption, all of which, work toward providing a trusted end-to-end RDS deployment.

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Otis Wells

If this were the way every transaction in my life went I would have no reason to ever be upset. Absolute care from start to finish. I would recommend getting a meeting with the sales team and or just calling in. That's the best approach. Again, thank you for the best experience I have ever had with a purchase.

Bethany Poole

So many options available didn't know what was best suited for our situation. Turns out that we are on a rapid growth pattern and the extra CALs will be required. Thanks for the heads up and proactive approach.

Ron Tucker

I was a bit hesitant at first. Then I set up a meeting, spoke with Johnny, and he settled me down and now my company has enough licenses. I'd say that's a success. Thanks for easing my daily workload.

Chelsea Perez

Kind of the best thing out there for your licenses and CALs. You're going to be happy doing business with Trusted Tech Team. Just like we were.

Curtis Bailey

Easier than I expected. Human interaction was a nice touch too and gave me confidence in my purchase.

SKU: 6VC-03748x50
$4,499.99 $5,999.99