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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade License

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  • Windows 7 Home Premium Full Version Download
  • Improved desktop navigation
  • Faster start programs

Windows 7 Home Premium - Upgrade

**This is an upgrade for current Windows Vista users*

Need an upgrade from Windows Vista? This version of Windows 7 Home premium will update your PC to one of the most robust operating systems on the market! Windows 7 Home Premium allows you to make changes to your operating environment and allows for a user friendly interface that promotes very high productivity. Here at Trusted Tech Team we provide you with the option to have it electronically delivered and be upgrade in almost no time! We also have expert product specialists standing by, in order to field your questions and concerns regarding upgrading from your Windows Vista Machine. 

Network connectivity options within Windows 7 Home Premium allows you to stream music from the network and access files in a homegroup environment. Be able to install the latest versions of Office on your machine with this installation of Windows 7 Home Premium. Our expert associates and technicians are available to assist you with your installation when purchased from Trusted Tech Team as well! We also have the physically delivered retail box version available for order.

    PC owners who have Windows Vista on their machines can easily upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium with this license from Trusted Tech Team. Windows Vista has received valid criticism for its quality and Windows 7 was designed to address those concerns while bring new features to the marketplace. This operating system has a new look task bar and the Snap window management system that was new to Microsoft operating systems. In addition, Windows 7 is better suited for speedier systems and new technologies than its predecessor.

    Since Microsoft support Vista has ended, no updates to these operating systems by way of service packs will be available. This is genuine software from Microsoft that is guaranteed to install, activate and work successfully on your computer. Note that this upgrade is only for use on Windows Vista systems. Windows 7 has three versions; Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate, with Windows 7 Home Premium being designed for home and small business users.

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