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SQL Server 2014 Standard

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  • In-Memory OLTP Engine
  • AlwaysOn Enhancements
  • Power BI for Office 365 Integration

Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014 – License

Looking to manage heavy data loads while keeping the integrity of sensitive data? With the capability to utilize up to 16 processor cores, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 has very few limitations in capacity to process the data needs of your business. As one of the leaders in data management, Microsoft's SQL Server Standard 2014 will give you up to 128GB of memory utilization per server instance. With the security of backup encryption and SSAS tools incorporated within the 2014 edition, SQL Server 2014 gives you a full range of analytical tools and flexibility to integrate into your current installations of Microsoft Office 365.

SQL Server 2014 Features

  • 16 processor cores: Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014 boasts extremely high capacity and provides up to 128 GB of memory utilization per server instance.
  • In-Memory OLTP Engine: enables memory optimization of selected tables and stored procedures. The In-Memory OLTP engine is designed for high concurrency and uses a new optimistic concurrency control mechanism to eliminate locking delays.
  • Buffer Pool Extension: provides a new solid state disk (SSD) integration capability that lets you use SSDs to expand the SQL Server 2014 Buffer Pool as nonvolatile RAM (NvRAM).
  • Backup Encryption: gives the ability to encrypt database backups for at-rest data protection. SQL Server 2014 supports several encryption algorithms, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128, AES 192, AES 256, and Triple DES.

 For an extensive look at all SQL Server 2014 has to offer, check out Brent Ozar’s guide: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About SQL Server 2014.

 Looking to find out what version suits you the best? Call Trusted Tech Team at (855)-202-8140 and our product specialists can help license your business appropriately. Trusted Tech Team also offers the latest version of SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2017.



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