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Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014 - 2 Core License

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  • In-Memory OLTP Engine
  • AlwaysOn Enhancements
  • Power BI for Office 365 Integration

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Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014 - 2 Core License

Trusted Tech Team provides the instant download of Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014 - 2 Core License. With this license you are able to provide licensing for your entire office, limitless of individual user restrictions that will come within other version of Microsoft SQL Server Standard. Be able to handle important data within your server, and build intricate databases to help structure the integrity of your data today! With this 2 core license provided by Trusted Tech Team, you will be allowed to access the full capabilities of database management provided by SQL Server 2014. Utilize one of the latest and greatest database management tools on the market today, with backup recovery built in and a way to safely secure your data. 

The capabilities of SQL Server 2014 will help your business evolve with the speed of the ever growing industry, and will allow you to juggle the most significant elements of managing sensitive data for your business. If you are feeling lost as to what solution that will be the best for the dynamics of your business, provide Trusted Tech Team with a call at (insert number) and our experts will provide you with the best solutions to the dynamic of your business. 

Available with a two core instant license from Trusted Tech Team, Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014 provides powerful technology that you can put to work for you immediately. In addition to the increased efficiency and small and midmarket cloud solutions it will bring to practically any organization, Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014 will yield extra cost effectiveness when you buy from Trusted Tech Team, thanks to our competitive and affordable prices.

The license that comes with this software can cover your entire office, avoiding the limitations and hassles of individual user restrictions. With Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014, you and your organization will gain increased control over important data within your server and you can build intricate databases to help structure the integrity of your data. Built-in backup recovery keeps your data safe and secure, and the powerful capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014 will grow and evolve with the needs of your organization and the changing demands of the rest of the world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

We've used SQL 2017 and 2016 and prefer 2014 over the two.


Upgraded our aging db into 2014 from 2008. The included instructions on the upgrade really helped.

First Buy

Great experience with Trusted Tech. First purchase. Assisted in installing the database as I've never done so prior.

SQL for warehouse

Inventory warehouse for US distribution company.


Install took about 15 minutes. Fresh installation, new database.