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SQL Server 2014 Enterprise - 2 Core

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  • No CALs required
  • AlwaysOn Enhancements
  • Power BI for Office 365 Integration

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 Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2014 - 2 Cores - Open License

For better decision making and streamlined business processes, consider Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2014. Available with two cores open license from Trusted Tech Team at a competitive price, this product is a scalable, high-performance database management system designed to meet the needs of distributed client-server computing.

This 2-core version of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition is a scalable, high-performing database management system designed to meet the needs of distributed client-server computing. Equipped with mission-critical application-building tools, enterprise-ready big data assets and business intelligence solutions to help streamline decision making, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition has everything you need to do more with your data. This state-of-the-art platform also comes with flexibility to deploy on your premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Optimize data-driven operations with dual-core powered Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition, now available with free installation support from our Microsoft Silver Partners at Trusted Tech Team.

Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2014 can help you solve complex business problems while making life less complex for users, administrators and developers. It also offers quick, easy-to-use business solutions at a low cost.

With Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2014, you can take advantage of easier, more cost-effective ways to build high-performance, mission-critical applications, enterprise-ready big data assets and business intelligence solutions to help employees make decisions faster and smarter. Along with these benefits comes the flexibility of deploying these solutions at your premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

If you have questions about how Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2014 with two cores open license can benefit you, just call Trusted Tech Team toll free. Our in-house sales and customer support team here in California will answer your questions thoroughly and honestly.


SQL Server 2014 makes it easier and more cost effective to build high-performance, mission-critical applications, enterprise ready Big Data assets, and BI solutions that help employees make better decisions, faster. These solutions have the flexibility of being deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, and can be managed through a common and familiar tool set.

Mission-critical performance

SQL Server 2014 accelerates reliable, mission critical applications with a new in-memory OLTP engine that can deliver on average 10x, and up to 30x transactional performance gains. For Data Warehousing, the new updatable in-memory columnstore can query 100x faster than legacy solutions. SQL Server also delivers peace of mind as the most secure database five years in a row. (National Institute of Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability Database 4/17/2013, Market share from IDC 2013)

Faster insights on any data

Get to insights faster with a complete BI platform that speeds up how you access, analyze, clean and shape both internal and external data. With SQL Server 2014 and Power BI for Office 365, it is easy to connect every user in an organization to the right data they need to make better decisions, faster.

Platform for hybrid cloud

SQL Server 2014 was designed to work in a hybrid environment that spans on-premises and the cloud and has new tools that make it even easier to build back-up and disaster recovery solutions with Microsoft Azure. These tools provide an easy on-ramp to the cloud for on-premises SQL Server databases, enabling customers to use their existing skills to take advantage of Microsofts global datacenters.



Breakthrough, in-memory performance

With SQL Server 2014, new in-memory capabilities for transaction processing and enhancements for data warehousing complement our existing technologies for data warehousing and analytics. Scale and transform your business with, on average, a 10x performance gain for transaction processing while still using existing hardware, and a greater-than 100x performance gain for data warehousing.


Proven, predictable performance

SQL Server consistently leads in TPC-E, TPC-H and real-world application performance benchmarks. SQL Server is SAP-certified to run some of the most demanding workloads. Get more predictable performance of virtualized SQL Server instances with IO governance in Resource Governor.


High availability and disaster recovery

Gain greater uptime, faster failover, improved manageability, and better use of hardware resources through AlwaysOn, a unified solution for high availability. In SQL Server 2014, there are additional active secondaries, new online operations and the ability to quickly setup a secondary in Microsoft Azure.


Enterprise scalability across compute, networking, and storage

With Windows Server, physical processing now scales up to 640 logical processors, and virtual machines scale up to 64 logical proce

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
SQL Server

Enterprise was needed for our international database. Installed same-day.


Haven't rolled it out yet, but pricing was the best I could find online.

SQL Enterprise

Needed Enterprise for our development team. Quick fulfillment and great support staff over here.


Advanced Query Processing requires enterprise. Sucks that we had to buy this because of that, but it is what it is.

Core Count

Bought Standard and didn't realize I could only use 24 cores. Upgraded to Enterprise and we are able to utilize our VMware's full potential.