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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - User CAL with Software Assurance

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - User CAL with Software Assurance

Expanding your Microsoft SQL Server 2017-driven enterprise? To add users, you’ll need User CALs. Here, you can instantly add a single user to your network with added Software Assurance from Microsoft to ensure that your expansion is seamless and supported. Order 1 User CAL for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 with Software Assurance from Microsoft from our Microsoft Silver partners here at Trusted Tech Team.

Applies to SQL Server Editions: Standard & Enterprise.

MS SQL Server 2017 User CALs allow for a User to access the SQL Database no matter the devices they're using. User CALs are more cost effective if each User needs to access the server from different work stations, locations, or devices.

If you need to have external users such as a contractor accessing the database, you will need to purchase a User CAL for each contractor. These CALs can then be moved to another contractor when they are no longer on the job.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Gerald Saunders

Best selection. Great prices!! Great web interface. Agent called to make sure my SQL CALs were actually what I wanted before finally ordering.. Johnny reassured me they were and all good now.

Silvia Webb

Getting what you want and need no extras. That's why Trusted Tech Team is one of the best. They'll listen to you and help you. I got SQL Server cals.. No pressure to get more than what was required.

Maria Bell

Possibly the easier time I have ever spent buy SQL Server 2017 with cals ever.. Last time such big hassle thanks Johnny!

Debra Rodriquez

Susanna helped me get SQL Server CALs in no time! She made getting more seats that much easier. Don't waste time and just get them on the phone!

Lillie Wood

I couldn't determine whether or not to go cal or core. After calling in and getting Susanna on the line she laid out a few scenarios where cal or core would be best. Turned out cal was my best option! Thank you again Susanna for going above and beyond with your assessment! We will be back to buy from Trusted Tech Team and Susanna again.

SKU: 359-01005