Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - Standard License w/ Software Assurance

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  • Perform queries faster than disk with in-memory columnstore
  • Perform transactions up to 30x faster with in-memory OLTP.
  • Up to 1 million predictions per second with Python and R integration


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Customer Reviews

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Stan Lastonne
Great Communication!

After purchasing from Trusted Tech Team, communication was excellent with emails guiding me through the entire process. License meets expectations and exceptional support getting it going.

Trent Sigillati
I got lucky

I was scouting around online to check for the best deals and I stumbled across this site. Aside from the great price (among the other sites that I run to). I was attracted with how they assist me on my concerns about SQL server standard 17. After the transaction, they even gave me a follow up call.

Jessie Anders
Great user interface!

The software SQL Server standard 2017 version open license is very popular because it has a very friendly interface for database management and this software also allows you to create tables, stored functions, triggers. Etc without needing to use the console. It is very safe and has a number of tools which can be very useful. Its user interface is easy to understand.

John Braxton
5 out of 5

The fact that it's Microsoft software give to it a flawless integration with a Microsoft environment, the configuration it easy for someone who works in server integration, The migration is really simple . Replication, it's a must. I like how plain the language for SQL 2017 standard server is written, you want to select data, simply type in select. It integrates really well with Hyper-V. And the fact that I got it from my choice software guys (Trusted Tech Team), means the price was low and there was no fuss.

Can't beat Trusted Tech Team and their service!

Landed at Trusted Tech Team's website after getting fed up with the larger software distributor we were dealing with jerking us around and selling us an excessive amount of CALS, more than what was needed. Trusted Tech Team was great. I bought SQL Server 2017 with the right amount of CALs and no extra. That means no wasted money. I doubt most will ever appreciate that as much as I. Thank you so so much Trusted Tech Team!