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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard-Digital Download

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  • In-Memory OLTP Engine
  • AlwaysOn Enhancements
  • Power BI for Office 365 Integration

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard-Digital Download

Trusted Tech Team can assist you with all of your licensing questions. Give us a call at 855)-202-8140 or chat online, and one of our product specialists will help license your business appropriately.

Trusted Tech Team also offers the latest version of SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

SQL Server 2014 New Features

  • Always On: In the AlwaysOn Add Replica wizard, there’s an “Add Azure Replica” button that integrates with your Azure subscription logins.
  • Failover Cluster Support: Clustered Shared Volumes have more flexibility. Multiple cluster nodes can be connected to the same volume at the same time, but each node can access different files on the drive independently.
  • Updatable clustered column store indexes
  • Query performance improvements due to better cardinality estimator
  • Resource Governor for IO
  • Sysprep enhancements


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