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Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac - Open License

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Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac - Open License

Excel 2019 for Mac gives users peace of mind and easy to use functions. Users can now see previous versions of a workbook and even restore them if need be. Microsoft has also improved accessibility issues with the Accessibility Checker, which includes updated support for international standards and accessibility recommendations for documents. 

2019 Mac Features

  • New Functions:
    • CONCAT: This new function is like CONCATENATE, but better. It supports range references, in addition to cell references. 

    • IFS: With the IFS function, conditions are tested in the order that you specify. If passed, the result is returned. You can also specify an else "catch all" if none of the conditions are met. 

    • SWITCH: This function evaluates an expression against a list of values in order, and returns the first matching result. If no results match, the "else" is returned. 

    • TEXTJOIN: This function combines text from multiple ranges, and each item is separated by a delimiter that you specify. 

  • New Charts
  • Precision selecting
  • Timeline filters
  • Customize Ribbon

See the full list of features on the Microsoft Excel 2019 page

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