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Microsoft Access 2013 Volume Open Business License

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Microsoft Access 2013 - Volume - Open Business License

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Microsoft Access 2013 is a database management system that allows users to develop applications using data stored externally or in the Access Jet Database Engine. Build an app with Microsoft Access 2013 has never been easier, thanks to new development tools, table templates and UI-creation features. Working on a team? Add Microsoft Access 2013 to server devices in your network with this Microsoft Access 2013 Volume Open Business License, now available with free installation support from our Microsoft Silver partners at Trusted Tech Team.

Whats new in Access 2013? In a word, apps. An Access web app is a new type of database that you build in Access, then use and share with others as a SharePoint app in a web browser. To build an app, you just select the type of data you want to track (contacts, tasks, projects, and so on). Access creates the database structure, complete with views that let you add and edit data. Navigation and basic commands are built-in, so you can start using your app right away.

 TIP    To learn how you can get started creating an Access 2013 app or desktop database quickly, see Basic tasks for an Access app or Basic tasks for an Access 2013 desktop database.

To find out more about Microsoft Office, see Whats new in Office 2013.

Getting started with apps

Building an app

Using your SharePoint server or Office 365 site as a host, you'll be able to build a polished, browser-based database app. Under the hood, Access apps use SQL Server to provide the best performance and data integrity. On the startup screen, click Custom web app.

 NOTE    With Access 2013, you can still create traditional desktop databases from scratch. Or, try out a template to create an app, a desktop database, or an Access 2010-style web database.

Table templates

Quickly add tables to your app using pre-designed table templates. If you're tracking tasks, search for the Tasks template and click it.

If you see the multiple-table indicator next to a template, that means Access will add commonly used related tables for you so you can get started with a truly relational database. Access creates views for each table that display data from related tables.

For more information, see Create an Access appCreate an Access app from a template, and Basic tasks for an Access app.

External data

Import data from Access desktop databases, Microsoft Excel files, ODBC data sources, text files, and SharePoint lists.

For more information, see Import data into an Access database.

Opening in a browser

When youre done designing, dont look for a compatibility checker or a Publish button. Your app is already live?just click Launch App.

UI created automatically

Navigation included

Access apps save you the trouble of building views, switchboards and other user interface (UI) elements. 

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