When it comes to software, the best way to learn is often by watching. To help you do just that, our tech experts here at Trusted Tech Team have put together several informative videos on several software products. Whether you’re looking for a detailed guide on how to migrate into Exchange Online or you just want to learn more Office 365 licensing, this is the page for you. Check out all of our informative videos below, and shop software online right here at Trusted Tech Team.

Video Meetups

Leveraging Microsoft 365 with TTT: Administrating a Remote Workforce

Remote work has changed the IT world, and it has rustled so many businesses out of their comfort zones.

Leveraging Microsoft 365 with TTT: Access Control for Admins

Learn about all things related to access control within Microsoft 365. You’ll learn tips & tricks both old and new that are great to add to any M365 Admin’s repertoire.

The New Microsoft 365 - Get Up To Speed (Again)

Join us and hear our experts give you what you need to know as an IT pro. What’s new, what’s changed, and what you absolutely cannot go without knowing.

Getting Started with Azure: When, Why, & How

Join us as we take a tour of Azure and go over why it might be beneficial for you to move some or all of your infrastructure over.

Demystify and Leverage Security in Microsoft 365

Understand best practices around security hardening within Microsoft 365.

RDS vs. WVD vs. VDI

The latest edition of our Spiceworks Video Meetup series goes over Microsoft's offerings for working remotely.

SQL Server 2019: Licensing Made Simple

This Video Meetup discusses all there is to know about SQL Server 2019 licensing.

Spiceworks Video Meetup: Volume Licensing & Software Assurance

Learn about Open Licensing and how you can benefit by using Software Assurance.

Spiceworks Video Meetup: Migration into Exchange Online

Join Nathan, Julian, and special guest Brandon (dimforest) as they go over tips and tricks on migrating to Exchange Online.

Spiceworks Video Meetup: Windows Server 2019

Julian and David are back to discuss the benefits of Windows Server 2019.

Spiceworks Video Meetup: Office 365 - Demystified

Join Julian Hamood and David Spencer from our team and Joe Fabrie from the Spiceworks community as they go over the intricacies of Office 365 licensing.


Lifting Windows Server out of Evaluation Mode

Learn how to upgrade from a Windows Server Evalation to full version with the command line.

Setting Up Remote Desktop Server | Part 1: Installing Roles

Learn to easily enable Remote Desktop (previously known as Terminal Server) in Windows Server 2008R2 - 2019

Setting Up Remote Desktop Server | Part 2: Installing RDS CALs

Add CALs to connect Users/Devices. The next step in setting up your Remote Desktop environment.

Setting Up Remote Desktop Server | Part 3: Configuring Group Policy

Troubleshoot common issues with Remote Desktop setup by configuring the Group Policy settings.

How to Add Custom Domains in Your Microsoft 365 Admin Center

A step-by-step guide on how to replace the "" at the end of your users address with your own custom domain name.

Email Tracing in Exchange 365 Admin Center

Learn how to easily find any email that comes through your system that may have gotten buried, misplaced, or unnoticed.

Installing & Configuring Azure AD Connect

Learn how to quickly configure the Azure AD Connect client to synchronize on-prem AD with Azure AD in a single forest AD environment.

Audit & Sign-in Logs in Azure AD

Learn where to find user audit & sign in logs within your Azure AD portal to help investigate user logins and activity within Microsoft 365 & Azure.


Video Testimonial: B2X Global

Hear from Co-Founder of B2X Global Dan Reilly as he discusses how collaboration with TTT has helped simplify his business decisions.