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QuickBooks is built with organization in mind. Control cash flow, automate spending, and organize expenses all in one place. This software is great for small businesses and individuals interested in tracking product, sales, accounts, and more. Users can link directly with banks and accountants to simplify transfers. QuickBooks 2017 and 2018 can be used as a full-service payroll, and can be customized so that all your bills and vendors are all in one organized space.

QuickBooks Pro: QuickBooks Pro is a simple yet powerful solution to everyday, small-business accounting needs. Pro supports up to three simultaneous users in a data file and makes it possible to manage receivables and revenue including invoices, credit memos, statements, sales receipts, and estimates. Users of Pro can create letters and labels, memorize reports and transactions, customize templates, export to Excel, prints or e-file 1099s, track leads, and more.

QuickBooks Premier: Premier takes beloved, go-to features of Pro and adds a fresh approach to sales orders, backorder tracking, current availability tracking, build assembly, inventory center and more. The Premier versions of QuickBooks support five simultaneous users to collaborate on one data file at the same time. Users can enhance reporting with balance sheet by class, previous reconciliation reports, forecasting, business planner, and industry specific reporting. Improve flexibility and insight into your business with Premier.

QuickBooks 2017 introduces easily viewable report filters, personalized smart search, and automated reports that let you know when your reports are on time and accurate. QuickBooks 2018 has all of the features of 2017 as well as newly added features including multiple monitor support, searchable Chart of Accounts, payroll liability reminders, and business performance on a cash or accrual basis comparison.

Note: In order to use payroll with QuickBooks you must purchase a monthly service subscription available only through Intuit. The version you are using must also be within the 2 most recent versions (2017 & 2018).

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