All About Email Security - Myths, Tips, & PMBDs

Our Featured Speaker

Michael Yu

Senior Systems Architect

Recorded live on July 27, 2021

It's no secret that cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl, waiting for a chance to steal your data. And email is one of their favorite methods.

In this video, we're going to debunk the top email security myths, and offer tips on how you can protect your business. We'll also share some lessons learned from postmortem analysis of real-world breaches.

Here’s a preview of some of what we will cover:

  • Get up to speed - Phishing, spoofing, & scams. Understand how these are part of today’s security landscape.
  • Know your resources - From user training to physical appliances, be informed on the weapons in your arsenal to combat bad actors.
  • Learn from others’ mistakes - We’ll cut through the sensational headlines on some of the recent breaches, giving you the details to help prevent you from falling into the same trap.