All About Azure in 2022

How to Cut Costs, Boost your Security and Maximize Your Flexibility

Our Featured Speakers

Blake Wilson

Azure Architect - Professional Services

Chad Seymour

Technical Account Manager - Sales Engineer

Recorded live on September 13, 2022

As businesses scramble to decide whether to hire or fire considering the economic uncertainties of 2022, it is becoming increasingly difficult to budget for IT infrastructure. But what if there was a way to leverage existing solutions to allow businesses to make the most of whatever direction the economy takes?

Azure’s ability to accommodate the demands of businesses of all sizes is the reason why it outpaced its competitors in recent years; even though AWS still possesses the biggest market share, Microsoft Azure has had the steepest growth rate from 2021 onwards, according to TechCrunch.

In this Video Meetup, we will cover everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure as you head to Q4, 2022. Most importantly, we will cover how to get the most savings, improve security, and maximize your flexibility with Azure.

Here's a preview of our talking points:

  • Describe how Azure works, and how to take advantage of its dynamic capabilities
  • How the Azure Cloud is changing business infrastructure forever
  • How to strengthen your Azure Security
  • Azure’s Flexibility on Demand
  • Moving CapEx to OpEx
  • Tools/resources TTT recommends to its customers to aid with Azure