Windows Server Software

Windows Server Software

Microsoft Windows Server 

Windows Server is one of the quintessential backbones for high end computing work environments. Here are all the current editions of Windows Server, feel free to explore which version works for your needs:

Need help finding the right Server licensing for you? Learn more about Windows Server licensing here.

2019 *NEW* - The cutting edge, latest and greatest version of Windows Server. See our collection of Windows Server 2019 here.

2016 - The industry standard version of Windows Server with many added features. You can learn about  Learn about Windows Server 2016 here.

2012 - The highly robust, and most commonly used version to the day. You can Learn about Windows Server 2012 here.

2008 - One of the pioneers of the the network based operating systems that provided many security features upgraded from it's predecessor, 2003.  Learn about Windows Server 2008 here.

We have remote desktop licensing available as well, which will allow you to remotely access files and utilities that is available on your server. Have more questions? Give us a call today at Trusted Tech Team (855-202-8140) and see how we can help you!