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VMware vSphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit for 3 hosts (Max 2 processors per host)




  • High availability, on-demand cloud infrastructure to run, protect and manage any application
  • Comprises virtualization, management, and interface layers
  • Transform individual data centers into aggregated computing infrastructures

VMware vSphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit for 3 hosts (Max 2 processors per host)

vSphere Essentials Kit and Essentials Plus Kit are designed for small businesses that are getting started with virtualization. Both provide virtualization and centralized management for up to three server hosts. vSphere Essentials Kit provides server consolidation to help you get the most out of your hardware and reduce hardware costs. vSphere 6 enables higher consolidation ratios with unequaled performance by providing groundbreaking memory management technology, expanded resource pooling capabilities with more granular storage and network I/O controls, and major enhancements to overall scalability.

Features vSphere Essentials Kit vSphere Essentials Plus Kit

VMware Vsphere Hypervisor (ESXi)

VMware vCenter Server


High Availability

Data Protection & Replication

vShield Endpoint


Set storage quality-of-service priorities for each virtual machine to guarantee access to storage resources. Set network quality-of-service priorities per flow type for guaranteed access to network resources. Leverage modern protocol interfaces between VMware and storage arrays for faster performance for vSphere operations such as Storage vMotion events and virtual machine provisioning. Speed and scale enhancements to vMotion deliver superior platform response and availability by migrating virtual machines faster and enabling more vMotion events in parallel.

Key features of vSphere Essentials Plus Kit

With the vSphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit, you will be able to utilize these benefits:

  • Maximize application availability and protect information assets: always-available IT with live migration for virtual machines and high availability for applications in virtual-machine clusters. Protect your data with the reliability of vSphere and integrated backup, recovery and failover features.
  • Consolidate and optimize IT investments: consolidation ratios of 10:1 or higher and improve hardware utilization from 5–15 percent to 80 percent or more without sacrificing application performance.
  • Simplify management and enhance productivity: provision new applications in minutes instead of days or weeks, monitor virtual-machine performance and automate patch and update management.
  • Streamline software development: safely test complex multitier configurations in a secure, isolated sandbox environment while enabling test and development teams to share server, network and storage infrastructure.

In addition, only Essentials Plus will give you:

  • Business Continuity for planned and unplanned downtime, vSphere vMotion and High Availability.
  • Business Data Protection vSphere Data Protection, vShield Endpoint and vSphere Replication

Not sure which license best suits your needs? Chat with a member of Trusted Tech Team now, or call 855-202-8140. To learn more about vSphere from VMware, check out this vSphere guide, courtesy of Altaro. 

Please note that VMware does not accept returns for non-defective software, related disks, or manuals. We encourage you to evaluate these products prior to purchase in order to determine whether the products are suitable for your needs.

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